This article talk about the center of Barcelona, it’s a place very touristic but you need to see it during a trip in Barcelona. Our advices is to walk from one of the ends of the Ramblas to the other and stop to see the two others places.
  • The Ramblas or Ramblas is an emblematic avenue of Barcelona that connects the Plaza de Catalunya, the nerve center of the city, Port Vell where stands the column of Christopher Columbus. Port Cell is also one of the ports of Barcelona and which is very close to the Barceloneta beach!
  • We will find if you walk next to the Ramblas close to the Plaza de Catalunya the market of Boqueria, where you will find a wide variety of fresh produce like fruits, juice, fish, meat or cooked dishes. It is very pleasant to walk in this market, smell the perfume of the different meal in addition to consumed products.
  • Plaça Reial or Plaza Royale is a square next to La Rambla close to the Port Vell, in Barcelona’s old town. It is the only arcaded square in the city, which gives it its exceptional character. On the square is installed a central iron fountain named the three Graces. The two luminaries that surround it are signed by Antoni Gaudí and are among the first works of the architect. Besides the historical part the plaza Reial is also very pleasant for a drink or for eat in one of the surrounding restaurants.

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