Barcelona is a city with lots of beaches, but there are also a lots of tourists. So we think be helpful with this article for help you to find the perfect beach! Your choice can be done for the easy access to the beach or the population and tranquility.

The beach the most populated is “La Barceloneta”  and the further you get away from this the less the beach will be populated. To begin on the cost of Barcelona the first beach  is Sant Sebastià close to the W hotel and the last is Nova Mar Bella.  For each of this beaches you need to take the metro L4 (Line yellow)

  • Sant Sebastiá (metro stop Barceloneta)
  • La Barceloneta (metro stop  Barceloneta)
  • Nova Icária (metro stop Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica or Bogatell)
  • Bogatell (metro stop Llacuna)
  • Mar Bella (metro stop Poblenou)
  • Nova Mar Bella (metro stop Selva del Mar)

If you want to find a beach for be quieter and do not have difficulty to find a place for your towel you should go this beaches :

  • Badalona (R1 stop Sant Adriá de Bosos, on the Maçanet- Massanes direction or L2 metro stop Pompeu Fabra)
  • Montgat Nord (R1 stop Montage Nord, on the Maçanet- Massanes direction)
  • Sitges (R2S stop Sitges), this city have a very nice beach, with san or on the rock, it’s very nice to tan in this city. Sitges it’s also very beautiful to visit!
  • Garraf (R2S stop Garaf) it is a nice small town with a beach and some very good restaurants! I advices you the paella and seafood in “La Cupula Garraf”
  • Castelldelfels (R2S or R2 stop Castelldelfels) a very large beach where it will be more easy to find a place for your towels!
  • Tarragona (1h in train for Sants Estació, with the R. EXPRES) but the city is wonderful, the beach are not so busy and many ancient ruins remain that you need to visit! This city is very pleasant ! 

To go to this places, you need to use the train R1, R2S or R2, the R1 start from Plaza Catalunya, the R2S and R2 start from Passeig de Gracia or Sants Espacio. 

We think that the best compromise to tan during your holiday with quietness and do not lost hours in metro are Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella!

AkiraFlats is pet-friendly, so we have search some beach for go with your dog! The first is outside Barcelona, it is huge and you’ll have space for play with your dog! The second is inside Barcelona, it is small and the capacity is to 100 dogs, so if lots of persons want to go at the same time it is possible that you need to wait to have an access! But the good point is that your dog meet a lots of friends! Also your pet need to has a microchip or be tattooed!

  • Sant Pol de Mar (R1 stop Sant Pol de Mar)
  • Platja de Llevant (L4 metro stop Selva de Mar)

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