The best cocktail bars in Barcelona

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This week in Barcelona happen the World Class Cocktails Festival which is a competition where the best bartenders in the world are trying to create the bests cocktails as possible!

As you know, we never miss an opportunity to make you discover this amazing Barcelona city and this is why today we offer you to discover three bars in which the festival is occuring.

1 – The Paradiso
You will be able to enjoy your cocktails with smoked in-house charcuterie.
For the Festival, their offering is called El Quiche. It is a cocktail inspired by elements of both Spanish and Mayan culture

2 – The London Bar
Opened in 1910, this is one of the oldest bars in Barcelona. The place is really enjoyable with a modern and original decor.
Here you will be able to try The Voice, a soft and sweet drink that, according to his creator “should be served in clay base made to measure, with the shapes of the female body”.

3 – Bar De la Rosa

This bar is specialized in locally sourced ingrédients. Into a classical decor, you will be able to apreciate The Toucha, an imaginative creation of the bartender with manzanilla sherry citric acid, seaweed soda and others secrets.

Now you know where to find the finest cocktails in Barcelona!

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