The best cocktail bars in Barcelona

ūüćĻ Do you like cocktails? ūüćĻ

This week in Barcelona happen the World Class Cocktails Festival which is a competition where the best bartenders in the world are trying to create the bests cocktails as possible!

As you know, we never miss an opportunity to make you discover this amazing Barcelona city and this is why today we offer you to discover three bars in which the festival is occuring.

1 – The Paradiso
You will be able to enjoy your cocktails with smoked in-house charcuterie.
For the Festival, their offering is called El Quiche. It is a cocktail inspired by elements of both Spanish and Mayan culture

2 – The London Bar
Opened in 1910, this is one of the oldest bars in Barcelona. The place is really enjoyable with a modern and original decor.
Here you will be able to try The Voice, a soft and sweet drink that, according to his creator “should be served in clay base made to measure, with the shapes of the female body”.

3 – Bar De la Rosa

This bar is specialized in locally sourced ingrédients. Into a classical decor, you will be able to apreciate The Toucha, an imaginative creation of the bartender with manzanilla sherry citric acid, seaweed soda and others secrets.

Now you know where to find the finest cocktails in Barcelona!

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The feast of the Mare de Déu del Carme

Come to discover La Mare de Déu del Carme en Barcelona!

On 16 July differents towns along the coast of Catalonia celebrate the Mare de Déu del Carme (Our Lady of Mount Carmel), the patron saint of seafaring communities. Sailors, fishermen and all sorts of seafarers revere the saint as she protects them from the most common dangers of the sea.

In Barcelona the festival takes place mainly in Barceloneta, the city’s quintessential nautical neighbourhood. The festival is organised by the local fisherman’s fraternity, which every year, on the first Saturday after 16 July, takes the image of the saint from the local parish church out around the neighbourhood in a procession. After going around the waters of the port, the saint is placed on an improvised altar on the wharf while mass is held and offerings are made to her. Finally, the festivity concludes with a performance by a Barceloneta choir, a very traditional element in the neighbourhood.


The ritual is more or less the same everywhere: the local fishermen’s fraternity take the image of the virgin out in a procession as far as the port, where she is put on a boat. The procession continues at sea, with a varied fleet of vessels in tow. The boats normally sail as far as a significant point or landmark on the coast, landing there and holding a mass presided over by the virgin.

The aim of the ritual is to honour the Mare de Déu del Carme and ask her for protection against the most habitual dangers of the sea, such as storms and shipwrecks.


The origin of the festivity honouring Carme as the patron saint of seafarers lies with the legend explaining how she saved an English boat adrift in the middle of a terrible storm. Amid the desperation, one of the sailors started to pray, wrenching off the scapulary of the Carmelite order he was wearing and throwing it into the sea. The act immediately ended the storm. It seems the spreading of the legend helped consolidate the Mare de Déu del Carme as the patron saint of sailors and seafarers.

In the 18th century the Majorcan Admiral Antoni Barcel√≥ Pont de la Terra promoted the festivity among his men, who adopted her as their protector straight away and dubbed her ‚ÄėStella Maris‚Äô. Little by little the devotion spread among sailors and gradually substituted Sant Elm, who had traditionally been the protector of Catalan sailors and seafarers.

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La Cuidad Condal

Have you ever Wonder yourself¬† why¬† Barcelona is called¬† “La Cuidad Condal”¬† ? This is because¬† during the beginning of the ninth century, all the North of Spain was divided into severals county that were rattached to the Carolingian Empire made by Charlemagne, Emperor of Francs. At the time, the main mission of those counties “condals” in Spanish was to defend France from muslim invasions from the South. Barcelona was one of those “condals”, the word stayed through the ages and this is why still nowdays, we continue to call this amazing city “la Cuidad Condal”. Know you know it, you will be able to answer to the question next time someone ask you why? ūüėČ R√©sultat de recherche d'images pour "la ciudad condal"

Gay pride in Barcelona

This Week-end is the Gay Pride in Barcelona! A lot of activities parades and concerts are scheduled. This is the opportunity to celebrate the diversity! Come to discover the city and its special atmospher on those special days! You can find the program of the events on this link : You are looking for an amazing place located in the city center or in Diagonal Mar to spend those particular days in Barcelona? Come to visit our website : Let’s celebrate our differences! ūüŹ≥ÔłŹ‚ÄćūüĆą‚̧ԳŹūüéČ

The Born Party

This week we make you discover the Born celebrations! Located in the Barcelona’s old city center near the sea, El Born is an emblematic district of Barcelona. On the 22/06/2019, as each year, starts the Born celebretions that last until the 29/06/2019.Are scheduled: Activities and parades, concerts, banquets and popular meals ( Popular paella and butifarrada open to everyone ), escape game in the Sant Pere Church and many more activities and c√©l√©brations.Don’t wait to come to discover this typical Barcelona’s neighborhood and this welcoming and amazing atmsophere!

For more informations, you can find the detailed calendar on :

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Football Women World Cup

As you might already know, at Akira Flats we love football!

And we are happy because today is the starting day of the Women World Cup in France! If you are seeking to go and support women in some bars but you don’t know where to do it, you should go to see the article we have made on our website about the best bars to support our girls around the city.

Here is the link of the article :

Lets go girls!!

Our bars suggestions

We know that is important when you are visiting a city to know the best bars to drink a glass. We have so think in 3 categories of bar that you will love.
These 3 categories are concepts, rooftops and typical.

We have chosen this 3 categories because it is as 3 symbols of the city. The rooftops because is one very important places in Barcelona, the concepts are very interesting bars in the city that you’ll discover! And the typical have become symbol of the city by themselves.

1- Rooftop

  • Hotel arts Barcelona, neighborhood Eixample,¬†Fronted by the iconic fish sculpture known as Peix, this luxe hotel occupies a high-rise building marked by a glass and exposed steel facade.
  • Mandarin Oriental,¬†neighborhood Eixample, It is one of the most beautiful place in Barcelona. And it’s also a very old hotel in the city.
  • Skybar, ¬†neighborhood Gothic. It is a wonderful place to enjoy with friends and have a great view on the city.
  • Terraza 360¬į, neighborhood Raval. This place have also a very beautiful view on Barcelona.

2- Concepts

  • ¬†Bobby’s Free,¬†neighborhood Urquinaona, this place is like a barber shop, you have to say the password “bourbon” and the¬†hairdresser will press a button to open the wall and let you go inside the bar. The cocktails there are wonderful and there are sometimes some rock band very pleasant!
  • Paradiso,¬†neighborhood Verdaguer
  • Barcelona Pipa club,¬†neighborhood Barceloneta

3- Typical

  • Sor Rita Bar,¬†neighborhood Barceloneta
  • Guzzo bar,¬†neighborhood¬†El Born
  • Bar Marsella,¬†¬†neighborhood Raval
  • Antic Teatre, Urquinaona


Free Parking in Barcelona

The price of parking in a parking lot in Barcelona is expensive but it is the most convenient option because they are secured and close from the center of the city.

There are also free options in Barcelona but they are not being watched.

  • The first one is in¬†Montju√Įc, the mountain¬†which can be accessed from Pla√ßa Espanya.¬† There is no time limitation.
  • ¬†Two other ones are in ¬†Zona Universitaria,¬†close to the metro “Zona Universitaria” and “Palau Real”L3, green line. There is a good option to park your car and reach your apartment by metro.¬†These are the safest ones¬† because it is in a residential area. ¬†The first is in the “Carrer de Mart√≠ i Franqu√®s” and the other one is in “Carrer de John Maynard Keynes, 1
  • If ¬†you want to leave your car close to the beach in Barcelona we have the solution.¬†You can go to “Av. del Litoral, 98″¬†but during the summer it is very difficult to find a place there.
  • You can also park your car close to the big market La Maquinista. But it is a little outside of Barcelona.

You can also find a parking lot for around 7 euros per day, a little far from the center of the city but these are going to be secured. You can find this parking lot on “

Do not hesitate to comment on this article if you know about any other parking lots in Barcelona. Or write a review about any of the ones above cited!


Tibidabo is a little far from the city center but it’s not to be missed. It could be interesting to spend a day there. There are many things to do and to see!

The view of Barcelona is incredible because it is the tallest mountain close to the city!

The Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus  is the church that you can see when you look at the mountain.  And it is even more beautiful and impressive when you are there!

The Torre de Collserola, the tenth floor of the tower is open to the public. It is a great viewpoint of the city.

Tibidabo amusement park ,the park is among the oldest in the world still functioning, it is Spain’s longest running amusement park and Europe’s third-oldest. It was build in 1899. But don’t worry¬†it has been renovated by the city of Barcelona!

It is 1 hour from Plaza Catalunya, so to get there you can take the S1 train and stop at Peu el Funicular, then take the Funicular FV until Vallvidera Superior and the 111 bus  until Pl Tibidabo.

Another option is to take the S1 train until Baixador de Vallvidera, then the 118 bus until Pl de Vallvidera and the 111 bus until Pl Tibidabo.

Another option is to go by taxi (about 25-30 euros).



Barcelona is a great city for shopping! There are lots of malls, street stores, department stores…

The most famous department store in Barcelona and in Spain is El Corte Ingles. The biggest one is on Plaza Catalunya and on Diagonal avenue. It is a very nice place with lots of different brands and both have restaurants upstairs.

There is also a great mall called Maremagnum which is close to the port down the Ramblas and to the beach.

The Diagonal Mar mall is very big too, with 3 floors and more choices of brands!

La Maquinista, metro Sant Andreu (Line Red) is very big mall, it is a little far from the center of the city but it can be a good option to go there for the day or just an afternoon to do your shopping !

L’illa¬†is also a big mall and very pleasant! It’s easy to get there by metro, ¬†green line then stop at Les Corts and walk a little.

Arena plaza Espa√Īa, metro stop plaza Espa√Īa on the green and red line. It’s very close to the metro. The mall is beautiful because it’s built in an arena. You have also a great view from the top!

  • Passeig de Gracia is a great option to go shopping, you are going to find the most recognizable brands, also you can find across from Plaza Catalunya more stores (Avinguda del Portal de l’Angel)!
  • By bus you can also go to La Roca Village¬†

Just 30 minutes by train, the closest station to La Roca Village is Granollers Centre. The RENFE train service leaves from Barcelona Sants at regular intervals. When you get to Granollers you will find taxis and direct buses to La Roca Village.

The Shopping Express¬ģ is a daily sleek and chic bus service that runs direct from central Barcelona to La Roca Village. (departure :¬†Passeig de Gracia, 6, from 9am to 7pm)

Adult price: ‚ā¨20 (round trip)¬†Children aged 3 to 12: ‚ā¨10¬†Children under 3: FREE

But you will be get a 10% discount on your shopping in the Village!

  • In Catalu√Īa you can find the best deal from the 7 of January to the 6 of March and from the¬†1th of July to the 31 of August.